Tri-City offers three excellent plans in which employees can save for their retirement. Employees may participate in one, two or all three of the plans. Eligibility restrictions may apply.

More detailed information about these three individual retirement plans can be found by clicking on the pictures below:

Money Accumulation Pension Plan (MAPP)

With MAPP, when an eligible employee contributes just 2% of their compensation on an after-tax basis, Tri-City will contribute an amount equal to 6% of their compensation. Employees are eligible to participate in MAPP if they are a benefited employee who has completed one year of employment.

National Security & Retirement Program (NSRP)

NSRP is an alternative to Social Security. Employees are eligible to participant after 90 days of employment. They contribute 6.7% of their compensation to their NSRP account instead of contributing to the federal Social Security program. In addition, Tri-City contributes an amount equal to 4.5% of a benefited employee’s compensation or an amount equal to 0.8% of a non-benefited employee’s compensation. Some limits apply.

Deferred Compensation Plan (Deferred Comp)

Deferred Comp offers employees the opportunity to make pre-tax contributions in to their account and remove those dollars from your taxable income for that year. All employees are immediately eligible to participate in Deferred Comp.

Retirement plans can be complicated and confusing. If you would like to enroll in a plan or have retirement related questions, please contact Gabe Uruburo at (760) 940-5636 or email him at 

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