Money Accumulation Pension Plan (MAPP)

Retirement plans are complicated benefits that include many rules and regulations. For more detailed information please review your MAPP Summary Plan Description (SPD). However, the links below give you highlights about the MAPP program without being an official plan document. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Prudent advisor.

  • Benefited employees who have completed one year of employment.
  • Non-benefited and per diem employees are not eligible to participate in MAPP.

Employee contributions are after-tax and made via a payroll deduction, after completing a Salary Deferral form.

Employee Basic After-Tax Contribution:

  • Employees are required to contribute 2% of their eligible compensation to receive the Employer Contribution.
  • Employer Contribution is equal to 6% of an employee’s eligible compensation.

Employee Voluntary After-Tax Contribution:

  • An employee has the option to also make an Employee Voluntary After-Tax Contribution to MAPP if they are making an Employee Basic After-Tax Contribution.
  • Employee Voluntary After-Tax Contributions are limited to the lesser of 100% of an employee’s eligible compensation or $66,000 (for 2023), minus the Employee Basic After-Tax Contributions and the Employer Contributions.
  • Tri-City does not contribute to the Voluntary After-Tax portion of MAPP.

Changing Contribution Amounts:

  • The Employee Basic After-Tax Contribution (2%) and the Employer Contribution (6%) rates are determined by the Retirement Plan Document and cannot be increased or decreased.
  • Employee Voluntary After-Tax Contributions can be increased, decreased or suspended once per six-month period.

Vesting refers to the ownership of the money contributed to your retirement plan (i.e., you own the money in your account).

  • Employees are always immediately 100% vested in the contributions they make and any related investment earnings.
  • Employees become vested in Tri-City’s contributions and the investment earnings gradually over five years of service according to the vesting schedule below:

Years of Service* Vested Percentage
Less than 2 0%
2, but less than 3 25%
3, but less than 4 50%
4, but less than 5 75%
5 or more 100%

* Beginning in 2015, “Year of Service” means a plan year in which the Employee completes at least one (1) Hour of Service.

  • See the MAPP Summary Plan Description for vesting schedules and requirements for years of service prior to 2015.
  • Because MAPP is a tax-favored retirement plan, distributions from MAPP can only be made upon occurrence of one of the following “trigger events:”
  • Age 62 and over, Severance from Employment, Retirement or Death.
  • The IRS does require minimum distributions (RMDs) from MAPP upon reaching the age of 73, or age 75 in 2033. 
  • Please consult a tax professional to determine the tax implications and the best options for you regarding RMDs or before taking any money out of MAPP.
  • Lincoln may charge a distribution fee.
  • Distribution/Withdrawal forms can be obtained from the Prudent advisor or from
  • Please contact your Prudent advisor for more information.

Employee Voluntary MAPP Withdrawals:

  • Withdrawals of Employee Voluntary Contributions can be made once per plan year, with a minimum withdrawal amount of $500, or the entire Voluntary account balance if less the $500.
  • Employee Voluntary Contributions will be suspended for 6 months after a withdrawal is made. It is a participant’s responsibility to re-start the Employee Voluntary Contributions after the 6-month period if desired.
  • Distribution/Withdrawal forms can be obtained from the Prudent advisor or from

Taxing of Distributions:

  • MAPP consists of after-tax money and pre-tax money. Only pre-tax money is taxable upon distribution.
  • The IRS imposes a mandatory 20% federal income tax withholding on the taxable portion of any distribution that is not directly transferred to another eligible retirement plan or IRA.
  • A 10% penalty will apply to any taxable distribution before age 59½.

Leaving Tri-City:

  • Participants leaving Tri-City are welcome to keep their retirement savings in the Retirement Program where they will continue to be invested and monitored just as if the participant were still employed by Tri-City.
  • Participants also have the option to (a) roll their account balance to a new employer plan (but please check with your new employer first), (b) roll it into a Traditional IRA or (c) take a distribution.


  • MAPP accepts rollovers from 401(a) and 403(b) qualified plans. For more information, please contact your Prudent advisor.
  • Loans are not permitted.